G'day lads,

I have a 1tb drive with 4 partitions:
sda1 is 40gb NTFS with Windows 7 x64
sda2 is 10gb Ext3 with Backtrack 3
sda3 is 10gb Ext3 (i wish to install BT4F here)
sda5 is 871gb NTFS (storage)

My problem is that when I run install.sh there is no option to install Backtrack 4 onto sda3
the only choices it gives me are to resize sda5 or nuke the lot.

Is there a way to install BT4F to sda3 or is my only option to resize sda5 so that the BT4 partition is last?
I haven't tried using the old BT3.kmdr installer yet but i'm guessing it won't work because BT4 is completely different.