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Thread: Installing onto a prepared partition

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    Question Installing onto a prepared partition

    G'day lads,

    I have a 1tb drive with 4 partitions:
    sda1 is 40gb NTFS with Windows 7 x64
    sda2 is 10gb Ext3 with Backtrack 3
    sda3 is 10gb Ext3 (i wish to install BT4F here)
    sda5 is 871gb NTFS (storage)

    My problem is that when I run there is no option to install Backtrack 4 onto sda3
    the only choices it gives me are to resize sda5 or nuke the lot.

    Is there a way to install BT4F to sda3 or is my only option to resize sda5 so that the BT4 partition is last?
    I haven't tried using the old BT3.kmdr installer yet but i'm guessing it won't work because BT4 is completely different.

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    Default Re: Installing onto a prepared partition

    If the partition is already created you can just copy the contents of the livecd and change grub entries. Search for the manual installation tutorial, you'll be able to do it by following the commands.

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