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Thread: Backtrack on Blackberry

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    Default Backtrack on Blackberry

    Most modern blackberrys have a ARM 11 processor.
    Could anyone possibly help instaling backtrack on the blackberry?

    Blackberry has Blackberry os installed, wich is a java environment.
    I've searched for methods to run linux inside blackberry os,
    but the blackberry user is to limited to be able to run an embedded os.

    Fortunate blackberry also has an sd card.
    I know that blackberry isn't the typical "hacker phone" but any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Backtrack on Blackberry

    Probably not going to happen. The only reason it works with the android phones is because they are already running linux. From my 5 minutes of poking around google, no one has gotten any kind of linux running on the crackberry. Most of the BB gurus ask "why" which is why I say not going to happen.
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