Hi folks,

Recently installed the Vmware image of backtrack 5 R1.I have configured the network settings as per instructions,set the VM N/w setting to bridged,have configured a static IP address in the wcid,have added the ip,netmask and gateway in /etc/network/interfaces.In the resolve.conf i have entered the default gateway address as name server(or should it be the preferred dns server addr- i have tried this too)

Iam able to connect to the internet and browse webpages through Firefox,but not able to ping the IP addresses,i receive no reply.I'm able to ping the local host and the default gateway.The BTVmware image is hosted on windows 7 64bit ed and iam unable to ping from the windows 7 to the Backtrack.

Iam really at my wits end and really need some help.My internet connection is a wired broadband connection,which is connected directly to the NIC.

Thank you and regards,