Hey guys,
First thank you for your time.

I have been having a problem getting ettercap working (explain in a bit). I also have had success in the past using cain and abel for certain situations. So I decided to install an XP VM on my backtrack machine.

I am successfully able to see the connections and do ARP poisioning. However, SSL connections are not being spoofed. The client is getting no certificate errors and everything is still coming up encrypted, though I can see the connections coming through.

Now i know this may not seem like a backtrack problem, but after doing some testing, If i use a windows Host OS with a Windows Guest VM running Cain and Abel, everything works perfectly, so it seems Back track must be doing something in the background to stop this from functioning properly. I also wonder if this is causing the same problem I been having with ettercap. The problem I have with ettercap in backtrack is, I am able to successfully arp poison and see connections come through. However the client machine tends to lose connection when going to https (SSL) sites and if they actually do render, they come up all distored (cain and abel does not have this problem).

I have done a lot of reading, enabled IP forwarding, configured IP Route Tables , Run Network in bridged mode, and still am having an issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.