Please read my Question.

I have one wireless usb adapter ( alfa AWUS036H ) as you now this adapter is 1000mW 1W .

and i use this adapter for air injection ( wep/wpa/wisp) ... and signal is good ... as you now for wep/wpa injection you need powerful radio.

today i buy another adapter from alfa company that model is ( AWUS036NH ) as you now this adapter power is 2000mw which uses the RT3070 chipset.

so today i connect AWUS036NH 2000 mw to my laptop and backtrack5 and start airmon-ng for make monitor mode enable and than use

airedump-ng to scan air so my signal is WEAK and LESS from my alfa AWUS036H ?! !!

i call to company , they told me this adapter is limit on 500 mw !!!!! and for better signal you need another driver ?!

so as you now in backtarck 5 i dont need to install any driver and more FAMOUS chipset driver like my adapter is set on backtarck 5 ...

so any body can help me for another driver that i can get more signal from my alfa AWUS036H ?

maybe so pepole want told me use txpower ... i use, and my txpower for this wlan adapter is 30db so i need a driver that can use 2000 mw

tanQ for you help