I am considering installing a "live" Backtrack on a 16 Gig flash drive. I figure it might be handy to carry my OS around with me. Anyway, I was halfway through downloading the 64 bit version when it occurred to me that yes, my computer is 64 bit, but what if I happen upon a computer I want to boot from that is 32 bit? I can only imagine it wouldn't work right? On the other hand I could install the 32 bit version and I think all 64 bit computers are capable of handling 32 bit architecture correct? I know its a rather simple question but I have never really thought thought to hard about it before since I always knew exactly what my computer was (32 vs 64) but now that I am considering making a live usb that is going to be on multiple computers I'm not sure whats best.

I am 99% sure I need to install the 32 bit if I want it to work with everything, but perhaps you guys know something I don't. any thoughts you have on this matter would be appreciated. I will be spending the next hour going out and getting myself a new flashdrive, hopefully when I get back my thoughts on the 32 bit were correct since i just canceled the 64 and started downloading the 32. If i am wrong i guess it will be another hour of downloading .