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Thread: Upgrade process

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    Default Upgrade process

    I just want to make sure I did this right. Since R1 is pretty much out now, and I had BT5 for a while now.

    Today I went through with apt-get dist-upgrade

    it downloaded roughly 300mb of files, installing the new kernel and updating grub. Just to be safe I also did apt-get update. Now I know theres some cleanup to get rid of the old kernel, I'll do that later.

    Is there anything else I should do to upgrade to R1? (I tried searching forums for BT5 to R1 but its understandably not there. I couldnt even find relevent forums related to BT4 upgrades.

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    Default Re: Upgrade process

    Running uname should should you the kernel version, compare this to the newest release and if they match you are finished.
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