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Thread: Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000

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    Default Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000

    Hello everyone I am new to backtrack 5 but very interested in using the WEP cracking features I have seen on so many youtube videos. I downloaded the 64bit ISO from the backtrack 5 website and used UNebootin to install the ISO on my flash drive. When I boot it from the flash drive and run the command airmon-ng it shows no interface. I did do alot of research and tried alot of different options I found on this forum but I am assuming this issue is occuring because I do not have the proper linux driver for my wifi card installed. So my question is where can I get the driver and how do I install it? I am pretty new to linux so I appreciate everyones help thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000

    I have a Lenovo E520 with Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000 too.

    I think it might be that which is the problem not the drivers.

    Confirmation would be great!

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    Default Re: Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000

    Same here! On a Sony Vaio using Bt5 R2 64 bit ...I know it supports injection but can it inject and capture at the same time??
    R there any drivers/patches for this hardware?
    Any help would be apreciated

    P.S.: i travel allot so we might hv a beer

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    Default Re: Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000

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    Default Re: Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000

    Did you started the wicd services and dhclient has ben run after startx?...Check that first.

    if you do not do so, no interfaces will be present.

    If interface is shown, run airomon-ng and see if interfece was mapped in mon0..

    Then run airodump-ng mon0 or the virtual iface mapped for your iface (wlan0, eth1, etc).

    If you did all this and still not working, you might need the Intel Wireless Link for A, G and N networks (iwlang)and the newer compat-wireless tools for what I understand...If need to compile, which I think you will need to do so, you also will need the headers (linux-headers-xxx), gcc, make, etc.. (install build-essentials will install them for you: gcc, make, fakeroot, etc).

    I leave this link and follow as instructed...

    Read it complete. And refer to the section: IntelChipset Comments, at the middle of page.

    Honestly, I do not know if this has been done by BT5 already.

    Hope it helps...
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