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Thread: New Fix database [ metasploit ] :)

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    Default New Fix database [ metasploit ] :)

    hi everyone

    first of all i do not know if this right or wrong ^_^

    But i think its good >> well its good for me

    mmmmmm ...

    db_connect commend its taking a long time for lazy boys like me so i found another way to get easily to database without this commends :

    you don't need to do all of this :

    db_driver postgresql
    db_connect postgres:[password@localhos:port/database-name]
    you only need this one

    when you get into metasploit framework by :

    then only use this :

    db_connect -y /opt/framework3/config/database.yml
    or any path to the postgresql database or whatever database your using

    if you don't find out this path just type in this the terminal :

    locate database.yml
    and chose the framework path

    ohhhhh i forgot to tell you that's am new with backtrack and if all of this is wrong plz let me know

    i hop it's helpful > ^_^

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    Default Re: New Fix database [ metasploit ] :)

    Wow...thanks for sharing works great.
    RIP SHIRLEY 10/11/2008

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