hii to every one i installed the bt5 in my laptop lenovo y500 celron M ram 1 gb hdd 120 gb bt when i try to ON the system my inbuilt keyboard does not work i can type anything on screnn using inbuilt keyboard but when i use USB keyboard than the USB keyboard work very fine but my laptops's inbulit keyboard is not working i did not able to get the problem i also install number of linux distro like ubuntu,redhat,kubunut,blackbuntu etc the porblem is same . there is one more i need to tell u people that the porblem occur when i ON the system on battry but when i ON the system when power is plugged in the inbuilt keyboard will start work fine some time but i need to insret USB keyboard n my inbulit keyboard work fine after that i take out the USB keyboard .. plz kindly help me out thankyou