I'm trying to install NVIDIA drivers
And I get this error

nvidia-installer log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log'
creation time: Tue Aug 16 21:02:51 2011
installer version: 280.13


option status:
license pre-

accepted : false
update : false
force update : false

: false
uninstall : false
driver info : false

precompiled interfaces : true
no ncurses color : false
query latest version : false

no questions : false
silent : false
no recursion :

no backup : false
kernel module only : false

: false
add this kernel : false
no runlevel check : false
no network

: false
no ABI note : false
no RPMs : false
no kernel module

: false
force SELinux : default
no X server check : false
no cc version check

: false
run distro scripts : true
no nouveau check : false
run nvidia-xconfig

: false
sigwinch work around : true
force tls : (not specified)
X install

prefix : (not specified)
X library install path : (not specified)
X module install path

: (not specified)
OpenGL install prefix : (not specified)
OpenGL install libdir : (not specified)

utility install prefix : (not specified)
utility install libdir : (not specified)
installer prefix

: (not specified)
doc install prefix : (not specified)
kernel name : (not

kernel include path : (not specified)
kernel source path : (not specified)

output path : (not specified)
kernel install path : (not specified)
precompiled kernel

interfaces path : (not specified)
precompiled kernel interfaces url : (not specified)
proc mount point :

ui : (not specified)
tmpdir : /tmp
ftp mirror

: ftp://download.nvidia.com
RPM file list : (not specified)
selinux chcon type :

(not specified)

Using: nvidia-installer ncurses user interface
-> License accepted.
-> Installing NVIDIA driver version 280.13.

Performing CC sanity check with CC="cc".
-> Performing CC version check with CC="cc".
ERROR: Unable to find the kernel source tree

for the currently running kernel.
Please make sure you have installed the kernel source files for your
kernel and

that they are properly configured; on Red Hat Linux systems,
for example, be sure you have the 'kernel-source' or 'kernel-

devel' RPM
installed. If you know the correct kernel source files are installed,
you may specify the kernel source

path with the '--kernel-source-path'
command line option.
ERROR: Installation has failed. Please see the file

'/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for details. You may find suggestions
on fixing installation problems in the README

available on the Linux
driver download page at www.nvidia.com.

Backtrack installation USB Hard Drive

This is a driver's NVIDIA-Linux-x86-280.13.run
trying to install on BT5-KDE-32
My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce gt 430
Can someone help me to install this driver I am a complete novice on linux
I can't connect two WiFi because it disconnects me in 1 to 2 minutes even this I would like this fixed
I tried to connect a mobile and this don't work

So all I'd like is to get the driver working on my graphics card some sort or step by step can anyone help please