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Thread: Metasploit : run bypassuac (Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac) fail.

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    Default Metasploit : run bypassuac (Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac) fail.

    Hello all !
    Sorry but I'm french, so please forgive me for all my mistakes..
    I'm running Metasploit framework through Kubuntu and i have learn with metasploit unleashed (Great tutorial by the way :
    I haven't any problem to open a shell and nothing else but the bypassuac script isn't working. I made a video and upload it to 2shared :
    All the bug is explained there..

    I hope someone can help me !

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    Default Re: Metasploit : run bypassuac (Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac) fail.

    The messages you are receiving says it all...
    you are not running as the sysadmin and there for windows asks for authorization,
    the second question about sysprep thats a very known tool for automatically deploying...

    Good luck,

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    Default Re : Metasploit : run bypassuac (Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac) fail.

    Thanks for your answer Maxfx. But the bypassuac script is made for bypassuac.. And as you can see in Mitnick and Rel1k video : Bypass Windows 7 x86/x64 UAC Fully Patched – Meterpreter Module « you don't have any prompt on the vista/7 screen.
    The 2nd thing : I know what sysprep is. But the question is : Why is he launching ? The bypassuac script never tell any command to call this prog. So i don't know why he's launching. Do you know why ?
    I've heard about a new patch (5 August 2011) which prevent this script. But on my Virtual Machine this patch is not installed.

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    Default Re: Metasploit : run bypassuac (Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac) fail.

    Sorry i didn't even look to the name of the exploit you were trying to use :P just to the error messages.
    I haven't used that exploit...
    I would suggest looking at the code to see how it works and than you should have a answer for why the sysprep is poping up.

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    Default Re: Metasploit : run bypassuac (Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac) fail.

    Go to the #metasploit channel on Freenode or some other metasploit help. This is a backtrack forum, not metasploit.
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