Hi all,

I'm having a problem with ettercap.

I do:

ettercap -G

Sniff > Unified sniffing > OK

Hosts > Scan for hosts

and I get this in my ettercap GUI:

Listening on eth0... (Ethernet)

eth0 -> 00:23:8B:4C:8E:85 invalid invalid

Privileges dropped to UID 65534 GID 65534...

28 plugins
39 protocol dissectors
53 ports monitored
7587 mac vendor fingerprint
1698 tcp OS fingerprint
2183 known services
Randomizing -1 hosts for scanning...
Scanning the whole netmask for -1 hosts...
0 hosts added to the hosts list...

Two things that I find that are different from the tutorials I'm following is the invalid part and the -1 parts.

Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks so much!