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Thread: Backup current install / Create ISO of current install [HDD]

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    Default Backup current install / Create ISO of current install [HDD]

    searched around, and didn't find any targeted answers.

    Is this possible? and how... reason is being, just in case something happens and need to reinstall you can install straight from the ISO of what you already had save time and hassles of modified files/directories/packages/etc..

    Vmware this is already possible, all you need to do is backup your vmware HDD... but im not using this.

    Thanks, help is appreciated...
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    Default Re: Backup current install / Create ISO of current install [HDD]

    Remastersys FTW. It will install its own boot loader and you will lose the forensic stuff, but I was able to install from the ISO it created without problems. Don't forget to empty the trash before doing a backup.
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