Hey all

So i have a Win 7 Ultimate x64 machine. I have installed VMware and download BT5 vmware image.

Upon unpacking the .zip file and booting up the image everything works fine. I can use all programs no problems. I can even power it down and suspend it. All fine.

But the moment i turn it back on(after rebooting or being switched off) i get the normal startup menu asking to enter username/password and a command to run(after). But when i enter "startx" for GUI bootup i get brought to a blackscreen. Fist time it happened i shut it down and rebooted. Still same thing. Rebooted my whole comp and still sma ething. But if i delete the image and unpackage it again. Boots up like a charm. The issue is after you shut down the VMware image and upon turning it back on you'll hit this issue.

2TB hard drive(1tb free)
AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE (OC'd to 3.9)
12GB ram(8 dedicated to BT when runnign)
Dual HD 5890