First, sorry to the mods - I did not post the original post in the correct place (originally posted in the beginner forums).

Second, I've read every tutorial and guide I can find... makes me think that it's an RTFM python problem, in which case a direction to go would be very much appreciated.

And now, on to the show.

A normal HTTP conversation from wget is recorded by wireshark as follows:
-->(get request)
<--200 OK
--> ack
<--(html data)
-->(acks for html data)
My problem directly relates to the use of scapy's sr() function. I cannot seem to figure out how to reference individual packets within the list/tuple/whatever that gets returned by sr().

Using sr1() I can read the first packet fine, but obviously I'm dropping responses due to only reading the one packet.

If I have the following:
print str(html.ack)
The script crashes out and I'm informed that ack is not a member of tuple. How then, do I make the html variable not a tuple?