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Thread: Car-Whisperer

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    Talking Car-Whisperer

    I heard about the car-whisperer project and just thought I would share it with you lot.


    Some info from it's homepage:

    The carwhiperer binary connects to the device found by the cw_scanner. The passkey that is required for the initial connection to the device is provided by the script that replaces the official Bluez PIN helper (graphical application that usually prompts for the passkey). The script provides the passkey depending on the Bluetooth address that requests it. Depending on the first three bytes of the address, which references the manufacturer, different passkeys are returned by the script. In quite a few cases the preset standard passkey on headsets and handsfree units is '0000' or '1234'.

    Once the connection has been successfully established, the carwhisperer binary starts sending audio to, and recording audio from the headset. This allows attackers to inject audio data into the car. This could be fake
    traffic announcements or nice words. Attackers are also able to eavesdrop conversations among people sitting in the car.

    It's a bluetooth cracker for attacking bluetooth handsfree kits inside cars.

    You can imagine the reaction with someone as there driving down the autoban and suddenly rammstein playing 'fuer frei' comes blasting over there headset.. BANG BANG!

    It allows you to catch there reactions as this takes place.. I would imagine it would be something along the lines of "JESUS..." screech, sqweel, crunch!

    Very amusing!

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    Already included with BT2. ;-)

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    Default CarWhisperer

    Hi Guys, Anyone had luck with the CarWhsiperer stuff.

    Im playing with it now and looks like fun.

    Please share your experiences on configurations, problems connecting if any.etc.


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