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Thread: System drivers

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    Default System drivers

    hello i m a newbie backtrack user, i read and saw youtube vedio about backtrack so after using ubuntu for about a month been impressed by backtrack security tools i switched on to backtrack 5(gnome 32 bits)
    but i found no sound and display drivers ??
    my system is i5 sandy bridge 2500 intel dh67bl mobo in ati xfx redaon 5670 grapic card
    i tried to install sound drivers from the drivers cd using "wine" but it did not work no other software of sound and grapic are working
    and also other software of ubuntu software center are not working my system has become slow after i have updated backtrack 5

    please help me all types of advice are welcome...

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    Default Re: System drivers

    Just my 20 cents, you should switch back to Ubuntu.

    wine runs Windows programs on Linux, that's not even close to get a windows driver to work on Linux. Also sound drivers should be there as for ati drivers I would try to search Google and the Forum.
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