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Thread: getting the handshake (sometimes)

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    Default getting the handshake (sometimes)

    Hi............ so ive setup my router to wpa and connected a pc on wireless.with the correct key,used the laptop with BT2 Final and deauthed the client with no problem and grabbed the handshake,all easy as pie.....

    now to the point..... i live as most do now in a very busy wifi area,with my router set to an unused channel,(unused as in no one else close is on the same ) the handshake is grabbed first time every time, with the router set to a very common channel airodump fails to collect the handshake.

    Is there a way to select my router from the list of all AP's on the same channel. Or is it just down to chance that the handshake is seen as airodump scans all the AP's on the same channel. Is there a way of only collecting hanshakes along the same line as --ivs for just ivs.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for any help in advance.
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    When you run airodump, specify your desired MAC address, with --bssid yourMAC.

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    Moved to Wireless sub-forum.

    You can also try capturing with a different program--i.e., Wireshark; and use capture filters.

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