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Thread: Wlan problem

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    Default Wlan problem

    Hello! Backtrack have worked perfect on my latpot for a good time now, but suddenly out of nowere it stop detecting my wlan. The most wired think about all of this is that if i enter wicd network manager, I can still find my wlan and connect to it. But no matter what I does in Wicd, I can get my laptop online.

    There is also an error while starting Wicd. "Could not connect to icd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error messages." I have no idea where I can find this error log.

    Im using a HP laptop with integrated Boardcom wlan chip.

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    Default Re: Wlan problem

    The fix to the error you can find oh the Wiki as for you adapter we can't help you unless you give more details.
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