This problem has been posted a couple of times and is mentioned across many boards found via Google search....yet I have found NO SOLUTION to this problem let alone a suggestion to solve it. Like many others, I've tried to boot into BT5 using a USB flashdrive. I used UNetbootin to install the ISO onto the flashdrive.

I've tried both the GNOME and KDE versions of the ISO's in both 32 and 64-bit versions. All have the same problem. The boot process will reveal the console, then in mid-boot, the screen will scramble and go black. Not even the backlight is turned on. I tried txt-only mode, and safe mode and the boot process still fails. However, in those other modes, I've received this message: "Unable to find a medium containing live file system".

I've searched everywhere for this solution to this problem and I've yet to find one. Often times the boot splash screen will appear but then the previous message is shown. Other times, the screen will just go black with no ability to enter a command. Any help is greatly appreciated by not only myself....but many others with the same problem.

Thank you...and I look to finally trying out this great release!