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Thread: fix pyrit corrupted database

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    Default fix pyrit corrupted database

    I have loaded a 120GB wordlist into pyrit and 1 essid and is fully batched and ready to go.

    However during the attack it gets to around 56% and crashes. !

    I think this is due to a corrupted database as the day before during the batch i had a power fail, and then i resumed that batch when i powerd my system back on.

    So my quastion can i fix the database without re-doing the thing from scrach ? .... Will the "check_db" do this ? or am i shit out of luck.

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    Default Re: fix pyrit corrupted database

    This happened to me once and it took 2 tries but check_db did the trick. It will give you a prompt to remove errors when its done. It might take all night though. Be very careful not to hit 'enter' while its going because I think the default is set to 'no'.
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    Default Re: fix pyrit corrupted database

    Thanks dood, i had to run the "check_db" twice but it did fix the prob. Thanks for the help.

    I definaly didnt want to run the batch thing from scratch.

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