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Thread: BackTrack 5 Hangs On Boot

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    Default BackTrack 5 Hangs On Boot

    Hey all, when I use my usb flash drive to boot BT5, it asks do I want default, safemode, etc. I can click any of them, it starts to load the code, but hangs. I have a pic below to show exactly where it hangs. I've also used Linux for many years, so this is not just some noob question. I looked everywhere, and can't find a cause or how to fix the problem. Thanks

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    It seems to me like the Video drivers are not working with your Video card..The nouveau drivers can cause many problems with video cards, in my case, I uninstalled them, black listed and installed the nvidia drivers from nvidia page according to my model....
    So as I can see in the pic, it tries to initialize the driver but hangs..It seems you have a video card driver issue..
    Try to use install the drivers from the vendors page if available for your card model
    Best of lucks.

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    Default Riferimento: BackTrack 5 Hangs On Boot

    I have the same issue...ElitGeek91 did you solved it?

    However, how could I install Nvidia drivers if I can't even boot the distro? There's a way to include them and blacklist nouveau in to the ISO?

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    Default Re: BackTrack 5 Hangs On Boot

    I'm having the same Issue, though mine is a bit stranger.

    At one point, I actually had BT4-final installed on the hard drive. I reinstalled Ubuntu and that was working fine for an extended period of time. BT5 came out and I wanted to get rid of my ubuntu and install 5. However now I can't boot to either BT4 or BT5 live cd's. They both hang at the graphics card initialization.

    [2.974624] drm: registered panic notifier
    [2.974671] [drm] Initialized radeon 2.8.0 20080528 for 0000:01:05.0 on minor 0

    I can tell it's not completely locked up, because if I hit ctrl+alt+del it goes through the "stopping all devices" text.

    If you don't have any idea how to fix this, does anyone have any ideas on how to install Backtrack to the hard drive without having booted into the livecd? Maybe someone has thrown together an iso for a micro version of linux that allows you to run the ubiquity installer for backtrack?

    (As a side note, a version of PCLinux DID boot up to its live CD just fine for me.)

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