I'm using backtrack 5 gnome 64-bit (md5 sum is good), everything is working normally. apart from one thing: while I can actually connect to any wireless network using the wireless network manager, and even surf the internet (did so for 1 hour), when i try to use airmon-ng with the command:
airmon-ng start wifi
or even:
airmon-ng start wlan0
nothing appears under the panels chipset/interface/driver, and the command does not continue any further. if i try to start any other command line tool, it will give me the error that the wireless interface hasn't started. so basically this is just an issue of airmon-ng not liking this particular setup (dell inspiron n5110, Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1030 wireless card). any recommendations? is this known to be a setup that isn't compatible with airmon-ng?
any help would be very appreciated, thanks.
(by the way if you want the specific output from the command or other commands feel free to ask, but don't forget that the card is actually compatible since I was surfing the internet with it).