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Thread: Increase Efficiency of Dictionary

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    Default Increase Efficiency of Dictionary

    Like the title says, I'm trying to make my dictionary more efficient.

    Currently, my dictionary is 8 characters long, made up of capital letters of the alphabet.

    At the moment I'm running crunch, removing lines that have more than 2 of the same letter next to each other with sed, piping that into pyrit then that into cowpatty. (If you need to see the code, just ask but at the moment not on my computer but will post it up after)

    My current dictionary doesn't allow AAAAAAAA or AAABCDEF which is all good but it does allow AABBAABB and chances are that's not a password.

    My question is does anyone have an idea or know how to make a dictionary file with these requirements:

    - It has no more than two of the same letter next to each other (like currently)
    - A letter can't appear more than once if it is not next to the same letter. (So ABCDEFGA isnt allowed but AABCDEFG is)
    - If a double appears then no more doubles can occur (So AABCDEFF isnt allowed but ABCCDEFG is)

    Disallowed examples:

    Allowed examples:

    Any ideas? Am I going about it the wrong way? Better program for this than crunch? Any other ways to remove useless passwords?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hmm, was just thinking if it's possible to remove lines that have 3+ sequential letters as well i.e lines that have ABC, GHI, XYZ etc. That would help get rid of a nice handful as well. AABCDEFG not allowed, AABDEGHJ allowed. Tbh, not sure if that's the best way but that's where I'm up to at the moment.

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    Default Re: Increase Efficiency of Dictionary

    The code that I'm using currently to pipe and remove more than two letters that are next to each other.

    ./crunch 8 8 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ | sed -e '/AA/d' -e '/BB/d' -e '/CC/d' -e '/DD/d' -e '/EE/d' -e '/FF/d' -e '/GG/d' -e '/HH/d' -e '/II/d' -e '/JJ/d' -e '/KK/d' -e '/LL/d' -e '/MM/d' -e '/NN/d' -e '/OO/d' -e '/PP/d' -e '/QQ/d' -e '/RR/d' -e '/SS/d' -e '/TT/d' -e '/UU/d' -e '/VV/d' -e '/WW/d' -e '/XX/d' -e '/YY/d' -e '/ZZ/d' | pyrit -e [SSID] -i - -o - passthrough | /pentest/wireless/cowpatty/cowpatty -d - -s [SSID] -r [CapName]*.cap

    Any help would be appreciated, even a general direction or where I should be looking would be extremely helpful.
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    Default Re: Increase Efficiency of Dictionary

    maybe you could use -w in /pentest/passwords/cupp/

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    Default Re: Increase Efficiency of Dictionary

    Quote Originally Posted by konspirasi View Post
    maybe you could use -w in /pentest/passwords/cupp/
    Jus wondering but I don't see how can help me. From what I've read, I don't see how I can use it to do what I want.

    Think you could give me an idea on how it will help.


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    Default AW: Increase Efficiency of Dictionary

    I remember there was a Tool in BT4 or BT5 Toolsection-Forum... Try this, maybe this helps

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