Hi all,
Ive been playing around with a script to help automate repetetive tasks for various attacks
and setups in backtrack and now have a little suite growing pretty nice.

I call it the "ATTAX-SUITE" ...its basically a bash script but is very handy and "works".
At present I have 15 options available but am working on an sql injection script and more
on the metasploit attacks giving more options on choosing exploits rather than dllloader etc.

(ie) nmap scan output to then advise with list of exploits based on nmap/nessus results
then use as an option.
May i just take the time to thank all on the forum over the last few years with advice on
backtrack probs some more helpful than others but I have learnt so much. So thanks.

"g0tmilk" showed me just whats possible with #bash... keep up the good work.

Anyway I have a little demo on various vid sites so heres a link to blip.tv version.


The Youtube version is HD but cant post link on here, been told off toooo many times.

If allowed to post youtube channel name please let me know mods...

Please advise on anything you may find useless or anything that could be added etc.

Kind Regards Dee