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Thread: Wpa2 it possible to execute...

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    Default Wpa2 it possible to execute...

    I am a noob when it comes to wpa2 attacks but I was curious if you could use a fake ap have the user attach to your fake ap and then have it funnel it to there wifi access point and hookup while you extract the password like a man in the middle attack...I could see it using two wireless cards and two antennas one as the fake ap and then one that would send the data and hookup to the real access point...This makes me question if someone could steal my password on my network...I do not have a weak password, but I am still skeptical of the security of my network...

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    wpa2 attacks are more cerebral.. your looking at a targeted dictionary attack in some cases- and other cases crunch is the best weapon

    read the pyrit blog to get a better understanding.. it's old but still relevant today.. the password isn't passed along plain text

    The twilight of Wi-Fi Protected Access « Pyrit

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