i was very happy using a ati 4870 and getting 20,000 pmk with pyrit and cal+. but my boss took away my workstation and im using a nice ibm rack 1u server as a workstation.

im happy with the new rack but io stuck with a cheap matrox g200 for video and have 2 pci-e 2.0 slots i can put in some low profile video cards. since the market for good low profile half weight cards are limited i need some help and recommendations of a card that can provide some decent performance. on newegg i see some of the newer low profile with up to 350-400 stream processors. however i dont know how to estimate pyrit benchmarks just by reading specs of these cards. also the low pricing $50 to $80 i cant imagine i can get some good numbers off there cards. i think my xeons can crunch more than there ati cards @ newegg
im still a newb to pentesting but thanks to bt4 and now bt5 im learning alot and my boss even allows of to make use of my workstation and now my 1u rack after office hours and appointed to in charge of security at our small company : )

i have a feeling most here probably have much xp with low profile half weight cards especially for cuda or stream. im hoping someone does and can help of out. 3000-4500 pmk is something i consider to low and want more out of the gpu. in hoping for bigger numbers but i undertand the limitations of whats available so in not expecting the 20k pmk with the ati 4870.