I have been trying to get Backtrack 5 installed on my laptop for the past few days with no success. I have been searching around, trying everything I can, and I have found that the graphics card it has (Intel(R) HD Graphics) does not work well with Backtrack. I have seen others get around this, and tried everything they did. Nothing seems to work.

Backtrack version: KDE
Backtrack installation: USB

The problem might also be because I never installed it to the HDD yet. I currently dual-boot windows 7 and Ubuntu on the laptop, and don't want to get rid of Ubuntu yet until I know for sure that I can run Backtrack 5 on the laptop (So I don't get rid of Ubuntu just to find out that when I install Backtrack, it won't work). So in hopes of making sure it will run, I attempted to run it (not install to the hard-drive) from both a USB and a CD. It runs fine until I type startx to get the GUI running. It will load, and get the the loading screen, pause, and then return back to where I was before I typed startx. Could the problem be my graphics card or the fact that I already have another Linux distribution on it?

Anybody have a solution to this?

Note: If you need any more information regarding error messages, system information, or something else, be sure to tell me.