hi I am new to linux
trying to inject but can only get a few ivs in many hours
I appreciate that everybody says do your research before asking questions.
I have spent many hours over the last few weeks with no success.
My network is Netgear router DG834 channel 8 with laptop using netgear Wg511 wirless card, Hp 6340 pda both attached on wifi. My router is attached to a third PC by Lan and monitoring the attached devices.
I am using HP pavilion dv9000 laptop running Backtrack2 live cd to crack my wep.
First I run Kismet and leave running
then Airodump and leave running
running aireplay-ng --arpreplay -b xxxxxx -h xxxxxx eth0
aireplay-ng -e netgearxx -a xxxxxx -c xxxxxx --deauth10 eth0
it searches for packets finds none
If I turn my pda off and on it generates a few packets.

Does Broadcom work or am I wasting my time, some places says it does and others say it wont work or do I have to patch something?
If broadcom does Not work can I use a USB device and if so what model?
many many thanks