Hello guys. It's my first post here and it is because i'm facing some issues with bluediving i can't seem to get past. I'm using a Fujitsu Lifebook, dual-boot win7 and BT5 KDE x64. My bluetooth adapter is a simple Microsoft Bluetooth Adapter (found that from win7 device manager).
My problem is that whenever i run bluediving and search for devices, it returns "Found 0 devices", even when my cell phone's right next to the laptop! Thing is that by using the hcitool command (hcitool scan) i can locate my cell and then can do "hcitool info", which returns the device's name, MAC and a bunch of info. Plus,whenever i choose to manually insert a device via MAC address in bluediving, i get an error and then program exits to shell.
What i tried is manually overriding the search method used by bluediving from greenplaque to hcitool from the bluedivingNG.conf file located in /pentest/bluetooth/bluediving/ folder, which only resulted in the program crashing on each search for devices.

I've got no idea why hcitool command finds every device around me but bluediving can't. And i can't find anyone out there with a similar problem, let alone a solution! It's like nobody's interested in bluetooth hacking.