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Thread: BT 5 doesn't detect hdd when I try install OS on hdd

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    Default BT 5 doesn't detect hdd when I try install OS on hdd

    I have PC with 2 hdd (2x80 GB SATA)
    On the first drive I have installed Windows 7 on a second I wanted to install the BT5, unfortunately, BT does not see any disk.
    Earlier on both drives I had installed Fedora 13 (in raid0).
    I was looking in the BIOS settings, RAID controller, but without effectively.
    I also tried to install / format this drive ... without effectively ... The installer does not see any disk, and installer doesn't have any option to create / delete arrays.
    Where I should looking some info about this problem?

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    Default Re: BT 5 doesn't detect hdd when I try install OS on hdd

    So are your 2 drives still in a RAID array? If so, BT5 should install fine in a dual-boot situation. Personally, my BackTrack installs have gone 1 of 2 ways: either format the whole disk for BT, or dual-boot. In both instances, it's been either 1 physical drive, or a 2-drive RAID array. If you're using 2 physical drives, not in a RAID array, make sure you've got one set as master, and the other as slave.
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    Default Re: BT 5 doesn't detect hdd when I try install OS on hdd

    Have you upgraded your partitions to dynamic partitions in windows7? that case you will need to convert it back to basic disk..i had this issue and i was unable to install BT5..after converting to basic disk, everything worked for me..

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