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Thread: Tor is installed, but not working.

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    Default Tor is installed, but not working.

    BT5 32bit gnome on HDD

    I followed the instructions on this page verbatim:
    I would post to the above thread, but it's closed. :/

    Tor installed without errors, but there's no added application in the panel menu. Unless vidalia doesn't come with the terminal install, in linux MINT I just unpacked the tar.gz off the site (that technique doesn't work on BT5 I guess). Also, after adding the Tor button to firefox, enabling Tor and trying to go on the web I get:

    "The proxy server is refusing connections
    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections."

    Which makes me guess that Tor didn't install correctly? Am I making a n00b mistake?

    Like I said, everything looked like it went smoothly in terminal.

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    Default Re: Tor is installed, but not working.

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