Okey, so first of all, I'm a total newb. BUT, i like to learn a lot and i did my research before posting this. Thank you on forehand for reading and trying to help me.

So I made a USB to boot BackTrack 5 like explained on the site, with unetbootin. But when i make changes, like when i save files and stuff, these things are gone next time i boot Backtrack, which is actually logicly when live booting. So I searched what to do about it, and i found that you can actually asign space to preserve files across reboots with Unetbootin.

1) If i assign this space when setting up my usb, will it then afterwards work automaticly?
2) Should I just format my usb and set it up again, since i didn't use this option in unetbootin before?
3) How much MB would you advise to be preserved for this?

So I have a 16GB USB, so I have plenty of space, which takes me to the next question.

4) Can i still use the rest of my free space to store files when I'm running Windows 7 or will this interfere with the booting function in any way?

Now I have some questions left about Airmon-ng, and since i did my research, i know there are a lot of questions and answers around for this, but it doesn't seem to help me.
First of all my wifi information: PCI Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN, wireless mode = 6.802.11 a/b/g I actually don't know what info you need, so i try to give anything i can find. So I already looked at the compatibility list, and i think it is.

Now, I do have Internet connection when I'm on Backtrack 5, so that works fine.

But when i do airmon-ng, it can't find any interfaces. Even more, the process keeps running, so i can't do another command. And when i try to close the window it says that there is still a process running... I've let it run for half an hour, but it doesn't do anything after the airmon-ng command. (It does show Interface Chipset Driver titles)

So I saw a similar problem already on this forum, but the answer to that was to delete the aircrack suite and then instal it from the website and the source.
I wanted to try that, but when i issue the 'make' and 'make install' command, i get alot of errors. If needed i will post these in here as well, but then I'd have to do that again, since I'm on Windows at the moment.

Thanks for the help!