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Thread: Airmon-ng doesn't work and questions about USB live boot.

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    Default Airmon-ng doesn't work and questions about USB live boot.

    Okey, so first of all, I'm a total newb. BUT, i like to learn a lot and i did my research before posting this. Thank you on forehand for reading and trying to help me.

    So I made a USB to boot BackTrack 5 like explained on the site, with unetbootin. But when i make changes, like when i save files and stuff, these things are gone next time i boot Backtrack, which is actually logicly when live booting. So I searched what to do about it, and i found that you can actually asign space to preserve files across reboots with Unetbootin.

    1) If i assign this space when setting up my usb, will it then afterwards work automaticly?
    2) Should I just format my usb and set it up again, since i didn't use this option in unetbootin before?
    3) How much MB would you advise to be preserved for this?

    So I have a 16GB USB, so I have plenty of space, which takes me to the next question.

    4) Can i still use the rest of my free space to store files when I'm running Windows 7 or will this interfere with the booting function in any way?

    Now I have some questions left about Airmon-ng, and since i did my research, i know there are a lot of questions and answers around for this, but it doesn't seem to help me.
    First of all my wifi information: PCI Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN, wireless mode = 6.802.11 a/b/g I actually don't know what info you need, so i try to give anything i can find. So I already looked at the compatibility list, and i think it is.

    Now, I do have Internet connection when I'm on Backtrack 5, so that works fine.

    But when i do airmon-ng, it can't find any interfaces. Even more, the process keeps running, so i can't do another command. And when i try to close the window it says that there is still a process running... I've let it run for half an hour, but it doesn't do anything after the airmon-ng command. (It does show Interface Chipset Driver titles)

    So I saw a similar problem already on this forum, but the answer to that was to delete the aircrack suite and then instal it from the website and the source.
    I wanted to try that, but when i issue the 'make' and 'make install' command, i get alot of errors. If needed i will post these in here as well, but then I'd have to do that again, since I'm on Windows at the moment.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re : Airmon-ng doesn't work and questions about USB live boot.


    To use aircrack-ng, do you use a laptop and do you boot on this USB key? Cos only USB wireless keys are recognized by Backtrack usb live, not the integrated wireless peripheral. But if you install Backtrack on your computer, all peripherals will appear.
    For your other questions, my answer is: Be curious, test by yourself, and you'll learn. It means that you need nobody except yourself to answer to this questions.

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    Default Re: Airmon-ng doesn't work and questions about USB live boot.

    I got the same problem and the same WIFI Card...

    BackTrack 4 r2 works perfect with this wifi card.. But BT5 doesnt work..

    So.. just use wlan0 in monitor

    dont use airmon-ng

    root$ ifconfig wlan0 down

    root$ airodump-ng [options] wlan0

    root$ aireplay-ng [optinos] wlan0


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    Default Re: Airmon-ng doesn't work and questions about USB live boot.

    Hi, I installed my copy of backtrack 5 R1 using ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator, on a 4gig usb drive (I know 8 gig is recommended), and it works fine, I can add files and it does not interfere with my boot partition ( it shouldn't anyway), plus i can save capture files and everything I collect inside backtrack and find it there when I reboot.

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