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Thread: Dual OS/Phone Functionality

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    Question Dual OS/Phone Functionality

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any tablet or smartphone out there that would allow for a dual-os type style of install. For example using the Xoom OS regularly and then when I need it, be able to boot it up into BT5. Tablets I am not to worried about it, but on an iphone for example, if I were to put backtrack on it, would it still have full functionality as an iphone, calls texts, apps and so on. I am also curious to know what peoples opinions are as far as which tablet works best for overall use with BT5, any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Dual OS/Phone Functionality

    The chroot methoed (mount .img file, chroot into it) works exactly like that (sorta)

    instead of a reboot, you just need to run the script to load BT. it boots it up into a chroot environment with leaving the phone still essentially in control. you can take and make calls and texts, surf the web, even play games with it running in he background.

    the only downfall is a lack of a custom kernel and lack of control over devices, as the phone OS still essentially runs everything (wifi needs to be on phone side for it too show in BT, so on and so forth)

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