Hello everyone,

I wanted to take some time out to give back to the community, and share with you all some wordlist and dictionary's to help you with with WAP/WPA2 dictionary attacks...If you don't mind, please post links or even upload some of your own wordlist or dictionary's to rapidshare.com or Mediafire.com and post the links for us to extract them. As you all know, the key to cracking WPA/WPA2 is with a good dictionary or wordlist, because your attacks are only as strong as these list.

I'll start by posting my favorite site for wordlist..The main site is http://www.theargon.com/
there are many directories in this one, and the good ones are called webster-dictionary.txt and theargonlistver1.zip And the HUGE one is theargonlistver2.zip (2.3 GIGS!!) Now if I can only find me a program on either Linux or Windows that will let me Capitalize the first letter only with these list..that would be awesome. Mabey raptor 3 or JTR will..Ill have to find out. That way we can have a list of dictionaries with the example xploitz and Xploitz or password and Password.

What are some of your favorite wordlist & dictionary links/downloads?