Hello all,

I'm not a pro with linux... and i can't figure out how to change the screen resolution on Backtrack 5 x64 with gnome...

First I tried to use the "Monitor" entry on Admin menu, which only display me 2 very low res (800x600 and lower)..
Then i tried to edit the config file with "pico /usr/share/xresprobe/xorg.conf", all resolutions are set to 1024x768 in this file, which seems NOT to be my actual resolution (which seems to be 800x600). Changing these resolutions have no effect.

Then i tried to use ubuntu's "hardware drivers" app, which i get using apt-get install jockey-gtk. There I see that i miss Nvidia drivers, but i'm unable to install it, at the very end of the installation, there's a popup "installArchives() failed". However, after this, when I try to start Admin menu->Monitors, there's a popup saying that I can use the manufacturer's app (nvidia's), so it seems that something was installed. BUT (I know...), nvidia's app say me that a config file is missing. I asked google, the solution is to run something like "nividia-xconfig", but this command doesn't exist on my backtrack yet...

I tried numerous reboots, apt-get update/upgrade.

Is there a standard good procedure ? The most suprising is that when i run Backtrack live from Usb key, the resolution is okay, but when I install it to harddrive, I'm stuck to 800x600..

Thank you very much for your help!