Hi everyone,

I know this isn't really a question that belongs in these forums but I didn't know where else to ask so here it is anyways...

I'm living in a studio apartment that shares the building with 7 other apartments. My neighbor has the only internet connection available for the house and he shares this connection with the others over WIFI only. Since I was having some connection problems I did some checks and then found out I am being arp-spoofed and my email traffic get rerouted trough my neighbors computer. Also when I take one pc offline and scan from another he spoofs my mac/ip and tries to connect to sites I've visited.

I turned-on Wireshark for a while to collect enough info to go to the police (for my neighbor doesn't do anything he says) but got the message back that me scanning HIS network is a crime and my proofs can not be used in court and would cost me about 300 euro's in fines

Now all I can do is try to protect my computer and data but here I can use some advice for I don't know an awful lot about networking myself. Here is what I did to protect myself;

  • Inbstalled tor/polipo
  • installed https everywere plugin and updated bookmarks to use https
  • Installed trackmenot plugin to mess-up tracking of site visits
  • ssh autentication only with keys and use ssh trough proxy tunnel (ssh -D)
  • set-up iptables to only allow incomming connections that I started locally

Will this protect all my data or is there a better way? I also have a remote VPS, would it be better maybe to set-up forwarding on my VPS and then set-up a ssh tunnel to connect my local machines?

Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Arjan