Probably those of us who have done corporate work have been approached by the companies IT team for some pre-engagement work, meet with the CTO and the CEO, the corporate lawyers and all that sort of thing.

I was asked this morning to perform an engagement. When I asked for a meeting with the CEO:
Subject: Re: Penetration Test

The [CEO] is too busy to concern himself with IT matters like this and won't be available for any meetings. The [boss] is on vacation at the moment so it is just me and my unit
I'm not walking anywhere near this one for any money considering where it came from but I wanted to ask the question of the community:

Would you require the CEO involved in your pre-engagement meetings? Would you take this job? Assume it's a SMB about 80 people, corporate.

Considering I don't actively engage in this sort of thing at the moment, it's more than a little dodgy, but it still made me wonder.