I recently installed Backtrack 5 to my hard drive alongside Xubuntu 11.04. Towards the end of the installation, the progress bar hung at 99% for awhile, as I expected, then a I/O Error (Error 5) popped up. I rebooted my computer, and it booted straight into Xubuntu, without first going to a grub menu. I did a md5 check, and found out that my Backtrack ISO was (apparently) corrupt.

Unfortunately, the incomplete installation left me with 67 gb partitioned on my drive for Backtrack at /dev/sda7. All the Backtrack files seem to be in root, and after fixing grub, I can start to boot into Backtrack. But then I recieve the message, "ALERT! /dev/disk/by uuid/1c8323a7-c6e3-4e8a-b409-96a09257d185 does not exist! Dropping to a shell!" and the installation drops to Busybox.

I assume it's a long shot, especcially since the ISO seems to be corrupt, but is there any way I can fix Backtrack? I'd like to try a full reinstallation, but I can't install over the current bad installation of Backtrack, and I don't want to further partition my drive.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you!