seeing difficulties that have some users to search before post....i build a tool for help those who are really lazy

it's a dialog that you can call by typing the command "search" in shell or in the command bar at the bottom of screen
like this

this command will open a search dialog with 4 search engines
Remote-exploit forum (via google)
Aircrack-ng Dokuwiki

when hitting search button open a new firefox tab with your query


dl it from here

it's a lzm file so you must put it in /bt/module directory

or if you are in a real install
go into the dir you dl it
type this
lzm2dir BT2-Search-It.lzm /
will install it in /usr/bin(2files the kmdr file and the "search command" file)

hope that little piece of code can save time and nerves for the people who search infos and for dudes who reply to the same thread each day.....

hope helps......