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Thread: Airmon-ng will not Display Card Info

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    Default Airmon-ng will not Display Card Info

    I am pretty new to the whole backtrack scene so be nice lol! Anyways, I am having trouble getting my backtrack working. I have it installed it in vmware player as knome 32bit. I am downloading kde 64bit now to try that out as well. The problem is that I am using a Intel Wireless-N 1030, 802.11n wireless card. my laptop is an Inspiron 15R, Model N5110. Everything works up till when I try and enter commands. When I use Airmon-ng and start trying to display my information, it does not appear. Also, I have windows 7 64-bit. Any ideas would help me greatly, thanks!

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    Default Re: Airmon-ng will not Display Card Info

    first, the centrino chipset isnt supported. or at least that what the people say. second, in vmware the wireless card is read by the OS as an ethernet connection, which is either bridged or NAT-ed to your main OS's (windows 7?) connection. i use win7 host to BT5 KDE 32 in vmware with a USB wireless adapter and it works fine. go realtek, thats the most commonly supported chipset and it works great for cheap prices.

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