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Wireshark correct me if I wrong because I didnt test it just took a look at the code you provide, what happens if i put bt5up -u as a cron job for automated update?
It looks like it will fail because of this:
def wireshark():
    wr=raw_input("\033[1;31m [>]\033[1;m Wireshark takes time to compile do you wish to wait [y/N]:")
Every time the function is called the user has to put y/n .
You are totally right. My programming skills are somewhat limited, as I'm still learning. I should have tested it first. So I changed the script again, now wireshark(), main() and menu_other() are like they were and I just added the "wr=raw_input" part to the automated() function for the -u option. All works fine now.

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Thanks again for taking the time to look at the code and trying to make it better I really appreciate that.
No problem! I'm having fun doing this, and it makes me feel like I'm contributing with something to the community. Besides that, studying your script is making me learn more stuff about python, which is one of the languages that attracts me.