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Thread: Python script to update/add tools to BT5

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    Default Python script to update/add tools to BT5

    Bt5up is a script coded in Python that was rewritten form Sickness original version coded in C.

    Version 0.5 is out see the changelog int the script to read the fixes and addons.

    Changes that I made:

    - Rewritten the code of sickness in Python
    - Added a option to download sickness script (C version)
    - Added a control version, where you can see if you are using the latest version of bt5up
    - When you update the bt5up you dont need to restart the script, it will autoload
    - Added Axel & apt-fast to make the upgrade fastter
    - Added FeedBack for GMail accounts only, where you can send some feedback without leaving bt5up
    - Wireshark
    - Bug & Fixes of BT5
    - Arguments for automated updates using cron or how you choose to use it
    Check it out and give some feedback
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Download: bt5up

    Sorry guy about the delay, but the previous domain was blocked.
    The good news is that a new version of bt5up is out 1.7 check it out

    PS: You can't update from 1.6 to 1.7 using the script

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