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Thread: funny story....testament to BT users

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    Default funny story....testament to BT users

    So I am riding on plane early on a Monday morning traveling for work as i too often do. Its a small plane, 2x2 rows type deal....and my companion is a trench coat mafia wearing, shoot up the school looking individual. He pulls out a little netbook and boots up his computer shortly after takeoff. To my surprise it boots up BackTrack. I'm doing everything I can to contain my ear to ear grin thinking this is my chance to be....."the quieter you are the more you'll hear."

    This fool gets a command prompt and starts typing the likes of "run"...."command"....."start"....."go" d after a few minutes just powers down by holding the button. I've been a user since BT2....educationally, recreationally, even at times professionally. I love the work you all do on this project, and cheers to the stupid who try to wield the dangerous.

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    Default Re: funny story....testament to BT users

    I nearly hurt myself laughing when I read this However, there are times when BT makes me feel like "the stupid who try to wield the dangerous". Or, put another way, BackTrack is always there to humble me if I start feeling arrogant
    If I could figure out how to scuba dive & hack at the same time, there would be nothing I couldn't do...

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    Default Re: funny story....testament to BT users

    I thought you were going to go on to end the story by saying you'd fired up your own laptop and "popped his box"!

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