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Thread: HP dv8000 - BT5 - KDE - nVidia drive problem

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    Question HP dv8000 - BT5 - KDE - nVidia driver problem

    Hello group,

    I have an HP dv8000 / dv8235nr laptop( trying to run BT5 32bit KDE. I am doing a full install to the HD. This machine is dedicated to BT5/Testing. When I boot off the live CD, I notice that the screen resolution is the max (1440 x 900) and works fine. However, if I do a HD install, the max resolution I can get is 1024x768. So, I tried the Gnome version and I got the same result. When I searched these forums and google, I found out that I needed to download and install the nVidia drivers. The display adapter in this laptop is a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400.

    So my first attempt, I installed KDE and downloaded the drivers from nVidia. I followed these instructions.( I ended up getting the driver installed after a couple other steps not mentioned in the article (had to do with prepare-kernel-sources). when I would start X, the system would get through the first three symbols and hang on the fourth. I could never get into X again. I have reinstalled BT532bKDE at least 14 times trying all the different combinations and tips from other searches and I still can not get it to work. If I install Gnome, I can get it to work fine but I prefer KDE.

    I have tried the following command but all failed:
    apt-get install nvidia-driver
    apt-get install nvidia-drivers

    I am at a loss. I am not sure what to do next. I have searched the forums for hours and hours trying everything I can find with no success.

    I have tried the following articles:
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