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Thread: Backtrack 5 ARM on Xoom 3.2 Assistance

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    Default Backtrack 5 ARM on Xoom 3.2 Assistance

    So I've troubleshot as much as I can to figure out exactly what is going on. I'm running Honeycomb 3.2 with the Tiamet 2.0 kernel. I ended up going line by line through the bootbt shell script and found that at line:

    mount -o loop,noatime -t ext2 $kit/bt5.img $mnt
    I'll receive:

    ioctl LOOP_SET_FD failed: Device or resource busy
    I've tried rebooting. I've reinstalled busybox multiple ways to no avail.
    Is there something different with Honeycomb 2.6 as a result of the kernel?

    Any ideas on what else to try?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Backtrack 5 ARM on Xoom 3.2 Assistance

    Your issue involves some mknod issues. Use this thread to install BT5 to motorola xoom. Its from the Tiamat team and gets rid of your error with bootbt script.

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